Combo classes – preschool to 1st grade  
22-3 yr old combo class (Ballet and Jazz)Sheryl OdellMon 9:30-10:00
32-3 yr old combo class (Ballet and Jazz)Shelby ShepherdThurs 1:15-1:45
1Preschool combo class (Ballet and Tap)Natalie KnudsenWed 12:00-12:50
3Preschool combo class (Ballet and Tap)Shelby ShepherdThurs 2:00-2:50
2Kindergarten combo class (Ballet and Jazz)Sheryl OdellMon 10:10-11:00
3Kindergarten combo class (Ballet and Jazz)Shelby ShepherdThurs 3:00-3:50
21st grade  combo (Ballet and Jazz)Natalie KnudsenTues 4:30-5:30
11st grade  combo (Ballet and Jazz)Natalie KnudsenWed 1:00-2:00
 Ballet and Pointe Classes – 1st grade and older  
 *Pointe Classes must be taken with a technique class  
1Beginning A Ashlee SizemoreWed 2:00-3:00
2Beginning BAshlee SizemoreWed 5:00-6:00
2Beginning C Alex HeyrendWed 4:00-5:00
2Beginning DAshlee SizemoreMon 6:00-7:00
3Intermediate AAlex HeyrendThurs 8:00-9:30
1Intermediate B Ashlee SizemoreFri 4:00-5:30
3Intermediate CAlex HeyrendWed 8:00-9:30
3Intermediate DAlex HeyrendFri 3:30-5:00
1Advanced A/B Day 1 (Must enroll in both Adv A/B ballet classes)Candice Taylor/otherWed 6:30-8:00
1Advanced A/B Day 2 (Must enroll in both Adv A/B ballet classes)Alex HeyrendThurs 5:30-7:00
1Advanced C Day 1 (Must enroll in both Adv C classes)Candice Taylor/otherWed 5:00-6:30
1Advanced C Day 2 (Must enroll in both Adv C classes)Alex HeyrendThurs 3:00-4:30
3*Pre-Pointe (by invitation only)Alex HeyrendFri 5:00-6:00
3*Beginning Pointe Alex HeyrendWed 3:00-4:00
1*Int PointeAlex HeyrendThurs 7:00-8:00
1*Adv PointeAlex HeyrendWed 4:30-5:30
3Progressing Ballet Technique Int/AdvAlex HeyrendFri 2:30-3:30
 Rec Jazz Classes – 1st grade and older  
2Beginning A1Ashlee SizemoreMon 5:00-6:00
2Beginning A2Ashlee SizemoreWed 7:30-8:30
3Beginning B Karyn PetersonThurs 6:30-7:30
3Intermediate AShelby ShepherdThurs 4:00-5:30
2Intermediate BAshlee SizemoreMon 7:00-8:30
3Leaps and Turns IntermediateKaryn PetersonThurs 7:30-8:30
3Leaps and Turns AdvancedKaryn PetersonThurs 8:30-9:30
 Team Jazz Classes (for team members only)  
3Senior Company JazzZoe BrandarisMon 5:30-7:00
1Teen/Youth Company JazzJen SpiegelhoffMon 5:00-6:30
3Junior Company/Extreme JazzJen SpiegelhoffWed 4:30-6:00
3Epic/Mini Company JazzZoe BrandarisWed 7:30-9:00
2Elevate JazzZoe BrandarisThurs 5:30-6:30
 Fitness, Tap, Hip Hop. Ballroom, Contemporary  
3YogaAlison BleazardSat 8:00am-9:00am
1High Fitness (18 and older)Jen GygiTues 8:30pm-10:00pm
2Tap Beginning (1st grade and older)Derrick LouiziaTues 7:00-7:30
2Tap Int A Derrick LouiziaTues 6:00-6:30
2Tap Int B Derrick LouiziaTues 5:30-6:00
2Tap Advanced Derrick LouiziaTues 4:00-4:30
1Hip Hop Senior CoKJ MillsTues 3:00-4:00
1Hip Hop Teen/Youth CoDerrick LouiziaTues 4:30-5:30
2Hip Hop Beg A1 (1st grade and older)Ashlee SizemoreMon 4:00-5:00
3Hip Hop Beg A2 (1st grade and older)Derrick LouiziaTues 7:30-8:30
3Hip Hop Int Derrick LouiziaTues 8:30-9:30
3Hip Hop Adv KJ MillsTues 4:00-5:00
3Ballroom 1 (5th grade and older)KJ MillsTues 5:00-6:00
3Ballroom 2 (teacher placement required)KJ MillsTues 6:00-7:00
1Contemporary Int/AdvAshlee SizemoreMon 8:30-9:30
2Preschool Carly/ShayWed 2:00-2:30
2Level 1A (kindergarten and older)Carly/ShayWed 1:00-2:00
2Level 1B (kindergarten and older)Carly/ZoeThurs 7:30-8:30
2Level 2Shelbi B/AshleeTues 7:30-8:30
2Level 3Shelbi B/AshleeTues 6:30-7:30
2Level 4Carly/ZoeThurs 6:30-7:30
2Level 5Shelbi B/AshleeTues 8:30-9:30
 Competition Dance Teams (by audition only)  
1Senior CompanyJen SpiegelhoffMon 3:00-5:00
1Teen CompanyJen SpiegelhoffMon 6:30-8:30
3Youth CompanyZoe BrandarisMon 7:00-9:00
1Junior CompanyNatalie KnudsenTues 7:00-8:30
3Mini CompanyAshlee SizemoreWed 6:00-7:30
1ExtremeAshlee SizemoreWed 3:00-4:30
1EpicNatalie KnudsenTues 5:30-7:00
3ElevateSheryl OdellMon 4:00-5:30
3EnergyKaryn PetersonThurs 5:30-6:30